Hi, I'm Edgardo

Full-stack web and mobile developer

I am a very passionate developer who loves the challenge of transforming any idea into an awesome project!

Being a full-stack developer allows me to be involved in the whole process of building a product from the initial planning to the final release and fortunately many of those projects are now startups or companies with thousands of users.

Specializing in

  • Front-end development

    Responsive websites based on Pixel perfect technique and performed to load faster.

  • Back-end development

    Connect your front-end with your database and functions to make your website dynamic.

  • API development

    API services for your mobile application, web application or desktop application.

  • Mobile development

    Fast and lightweight applications for Android and iOS.

  • 2D Animations

    Give more life to your website with animations and transitions.

  • UI/UX design

    Point your users in the right direction and make your app/website really usable.

Latest projects




Platform that connects traders with brokers to reduce the spread.



Podcast and e-commerce website about Agriculture topics.




The privacy-first advertising standard of the next generation.



Injective protocol

Injective is the first front-running resistant, layer-2 exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of borderless finance by supporting margin trading, derivatives, and futures.

Injective protocol
Game Server Kings

website, admin dashboard, clients dashboard, servers dashboard

Game Server Kings

Is a leading provider in Game server hosting services.


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Why hire me for your next project?

Over the years I've worked with small/large companies and clients from different countries that gave me the experience to solve their needs with real solutions and for that...

  • I will give you advices from the very beginning so we can start with a clear idea.
  • I will choose the ideal technologies that fit best with your idea.
  • Your project will be developed based on standards.
  • Your design will literally take life by using the Pixel perfect technique.
  • Your code will be daily tested to ensure the desire functionality.
  • Most importantly... programming is my passion and for that reason, I will give special care to your project!

Let's be friends!

Have any idea in mind?

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