The new Google Play icon design specifications

In case you haven’t read the new guidelines that your icons should have in order to fit in the Google Apps & Games ecosystems, here you have a summary:

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Babel module resolver and Babel presets for React Native 0.59.x

With the recent launch of React Native 0.59, some extra configurations came with like the metro.config.js and the babel.config.js.

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Create your first Pong game using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript

If you are just starting in game development or even if you are a curious person that wanted to know how to develop a simple game, then this free course is four you.

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The author of CodeJobs and his recent book React Cookbook, has released a new community called to talk about Javascript technologies such as ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, Firebase among others.

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Upgrade React Native to 0.57 to fix issues with Xcode 10

At this point, many of you have already experienced those awful issues with the latest version of Xcode 10 and React Native 0.56.x and  this is because Xcode launched a new build system among other features that affect the build process with React Native.

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Top Dribbble designs with Gradients

Dribbble is that website that became the main source (at least for me) to look into a new designs, color combinations, ui kits, etc. in order to improve my skills as a front-end developer.

So I was thinking to share with you some cool designs I’ve found but I am going to create different posts to show them in diferente categories starting with the gradient ones.

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Since I started with React Native I’ve been using this repository of packages that is very useful at the time you want to pick the best or at least whether exists that package you are looking for.

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PHP functions/extensions in JavaScript with Locutus

Functions and extensions in programming languages are very helpful at the time we need to get a result in less amount of time or to write less code to have our project optimised.

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Using react-native-fast-image library to avoid RAM issues

In a recent release of a mobile app with React Native, I had a serious issue regarding the RAM and actually I didn’t know it was that only after a week of developing and testing on that part.

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