Becoming a web developer from scratch

Guide Jul 24, 2018

Back in those days (like 7 years ago), the list of technologies you needed to learn in order to become a Web Developer were not so big than now and it was easily to choose the right path for it but over the years that task has become even harder because people started to build more tools so the developers can do a better job.

I’ve been there not to become a Front-end or Back-end developer but since sometimes I like to teach about this to some people, I wasn’t aware about which path should I choose so they can follow it by its own after the classes so I started to look over the Internet for some posts and I found a repository which contains exactly what I wanted. This repository contains 3 roadmaps to become a Front-end, Back-end or DevOps developer that you can start following if you don’t know yet how or where to start.