One of the hardest challenges (at least for me) of being a full-stack developer is the design side because when I usually “build” a design for a client I’m not actually designing anything but I do research a lot looking for free UIs then I can take parts of some of them in order to have something unique to offer to my client.

I’ve been using Sketch for over 7 months only in a basic way inserting and dragging elements into artboards, adding some colors, shadows, borders, etc. and the first job I built for real was the UI for a mobile application that I also developed with React Native.

But this time it was something different… a logo re-design without having the source file, only a .png

Since I really like to transform an image of an UI into a markup with HTML/CSS at 99% of accuracy, I wanted to try the same thing with logos and I did it! I cloned a couple of free logos and the feeling was incredible!

So I decided instantly to offer that service to a company that I’ve been working with in their website/mobile app and with some help (mostly with the layers manipulation) of a great friend which is an UX/UI designer , I did the job successfully!!  and after that I created a banner and other stuff to practice.

I enjoyed too much that experience because when I tried with PS it was very hard but with Sketch it’s funny, simple and fast 🙂