Simple Webpack starter with pug, sass, jQuery, ES6 and more

Webpack Jul 10, 2018

Being a freelancer always implies to cover the full requirements of the clients and at some point, one of them will request to you to build a website without any kind of JS framework (,, etc).

That happened to me, so I thought that I didn’t want to work using simple html + css and that’s why I decided to build a Webpack starter for those specific projects.

This starter it's being used in at least 20 projects (and counting), and it has been improved every time I work on a new one. So it can handle a wide range of projects from simple text to manage videos, audio, custom fonts, blogging, etc.

Take a look at the code , it’s free 🙂

The following video explains a little bit the project structure.


  • 02 June 2021: Webpack 5 is now supported!


Releases · SoldierCorp/webpack-starter-pug-sass-es6-jquery
Webpack 5 starter that supports Pug, SASS, ES6, VanillaJS/jQuery... (without framework) and generate URLs without the .html extension. - SoldierCorp/webpack-starter-pug-sass-es6-jquery