Dribbble is that website that became the main source (at least for me) to look into a new designs, color combinations, ui kits, etc. in order to improve my skills as a front-end developer.

So I was thinking to share with you some cool designs I’ve found but I am going to create different posts to show them in diferente categories starting with the gradient ones.

Gradients tend to be a bit hard to manage if you don’t know how to properly combine the basics with at least two colors but in the following designs you will find how the authors can easily do that with more than two and also using the different types like linear, radial, etc.

1. Grabient

Making gradients great again

2. Paperpillar Landing Page Exploration

Designers and developers

3. Seeker Landing Page Concept

Design job seeker

4. Card landing page

Card landing page

5. Nectar concept

Micro transactions design

Here you could find more of those designs.