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Becoming a web developer from scratch

Back in those days (like 7 years ago), the list of technologies you needed to learn in order to become a Web Developer were not so big than now and it was easily to choose the right path for it but over the years that task has become even harder because people started to build more tools so the developers can do a better job.

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Simple webpack starter with pug, sass, jquery, es6 and more

As a freelancer… at some point a client will request to you a website that after you finish it, another developer (that doesn’t know how to work with frameworks) will continue working on it so since you are not going to use the usual project structure for or or any other you will need a different one in order to achieve the goal with that client.

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Nginx configuration for Laravel in a different port on CentOS 7

I have a DigitalOcean droplet for testing purposes and usually I deploy static websites, NodeJS APIs and Laravel projects and in order to get the Laravel and the NodeJS servers working in the same droplet, I need to set a different port for each one using Nginx and FirewallD to open the port.

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