I really love to use my skills to turn the ideas of the people into a real sensation through the web and mobile development and even teaching is one of the things I enjoy too much in person or with Youtube.

I’ve been working with several technologies through my 6+ years of experience and still learning the newest ones in order to offer the best solution.

My current stack is covered by the following:

    #Markup (HTML, Jade/Pug, CSS, Stylus, Sass, Webpack)
    #Animations (GSAP, Scrollmagic, Keyframes)
    #Front-end (VueJS, ReactJS + Redux)
    #Back-end (Laravel, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Go)
    #Databases (MongoDB, MySQL)
    #Mobile (React Native + Redux)
    #Software (Sketch, Photoshop, Zeplin, Invision)
    #Cloud Services (Firebase, AWS)
    #Email Services (Mailchimp, Mailgun, Zoho, Google Business)

More info about my professional profile here.


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